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I did a little experiment with a friend that asked for a little advice on their social media strategy and I thought I would share what ended up happening. I am sharing this because I have noticed two things when speaking to entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs that have used social media to try to grow their businesses.

To make video that creates a brand for you, the videos have to be able to be uploaded to the Web. To do this you will need a microphone and video camera that is compatible with your computer. You are trying to do a particular thing in your videos. You are trying to create a brand on a social media marketing for startups platform. To achieve this purpose, your videos must be quality, professional looking videos.

That should be where you would invest your time, energy and effort. You should be an affiliate marketer. It is pretty easy to get started. All you need is a computer and a bit of internet knowledge which I assume we already have at the moment. Best thing about this is you can work on your own time and even at the comforts of your own home. You do not even need to have a product of your own to begin with.

The main goal of any successful social media strategy should be creating and crafting content that others can find value in. For instance, a reader won’t find much value in a Facebook posting that brags about the sales your company is having this month. But if you post or blog about “Five Ways to Save on Your Taxes this Year!”, people will likely find value in what you have to say and will want to share it with others.

After a few days 20-30% of the people you follow will follow you back. You start manually unfollowing those social media startups who don’t follow you back. If you don’t include the time you can use a service like Tweet Adder that can make it happen for everyone in an automated fashion.

#7 Banner Advertising. This is another paid strategy, but your clicks are going to be a little cheaper because there is less competition! I heard from a little bird that MLSP has some incredible banner advertising training.

Absolutely free training with some of the best on line marketers utilizing a lead generating system and using marketing strategies that range from making use of social media, article marketing, pay per click and making profit with each lead generated and much more.

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