Sure Motorsports – Dreadnaught Rear Diff Mount Ms6

The front shocks on a Jeep Cherokee take a lot of responsibility in the front suspension. While coil springs share the load of the engine, you can optimize the performance of your ride by replacing the front bumper every 30,000 miles. Many quality shocks come with a lifetime warranty and if you replace it yourself, there will no charge for future work.

This kind of outfit is ideal for small fish in confined areas. Line from two to six pound test provides a unique fighting experience, Bushings and Plain Bearings requires some angling skill. Landing even a small fish on this tackle is exciting and fulfilling for all levels of experience.

I recommend this mount and should be one of the first things purchased for your car. Stay tuned as SURE is releasing a front mount even beefier than this thing.. Hell, you may not even need new motor mounts after installing it… so, we will test this as soon as it becomes available to us.

The DXA-2s is rugged, compact and mounts securely to the tripod GGB Bearings on the under side of your camcorder. Using this device allows you to attach two balanced XLR audio devices to your camcorder. Recording two audio channels allows for maximum versatility during editing. .

Word of caution here.. Some of us use air tools so jacking the car up and zapping the bolts off it quite easy. For those using hand tools, it may be beneficial to you to break these bolts loose with the car still on the ground, but jacked up high enough to get under the car.

Scan the transaxle’s controller and record trouble codes if any. Clear the memory and leave the scanner attached for the complete road test. If codes 56 “Turbine sensor error” or 57 “Output sensor error” were stored in it’s memory fix these codes first. If “Pressure switch” and “Gear ratio error” codes were stored in its memory then continue. NOTE: “Presure switch” and “Gear ratio error” codes may be an electrical fault or a hydraulic fault setting a “FALSE” code.

To remove the original trigger from the Glock, you have to remove the slide from the frame. Then you have to remove the two front and rear pins from the frame which will allow you to remove all of the remaining components. Obviously this includes the original trigger. Then you have to remove the trigger from the trigger connector bar by removing the pin that holds them together.

The DXA-2s is so lightweight that you can take your compact DVR with you everywhere to capture professional audio. Throw it in your backpack when you out hiking – it won’t weight you down. Stow it in the saddlebag of your motorcycle – it doesn’t take up much room.

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